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The Arc Pulse features two layers. The outer aerospace grade metal shell distributes the force of an impact, while the inner custom-engineered elastomer layer absorbs the shock - keeping your phone safe in style. We only use the best quality metals for our products. Your Arc Pulse features grade 7 aluminum, or grade 5 titanium, depending on your model.

Arc Pulse features protection where it matters. The design extends at the sides, over the front, back and camera module protecting the vulnerable iPhone spots.

On impacts, the metal shell distributes the shock onto Arc Impact (the inner elastomer) which absorbs the shock.

Our team of designers and engineers carefully crafted the perfect balance between ease of use and a tight and secure slide-on fit with your phone. There are three layers that work together to keep your Arc Pulse in place. Your phone and Arc Pulse's outside metal shell together compress a flexible elastomer inlay. Since our custom-engineered inlay is super grippy this compression is enough to lock everything in place - finely designed to feel like magic.

We have tested a range of screen protectors with all our models. So far, most of them have fit. We strive to support Arc Pulse with our own selection of custom-tailored, high-quality screen protectors called Arc Shield. You'll be able to find them on our Arc Collection page if your phone model is supported.

You can find all supported models on our Collection page. We are always developing new designs, if you feel like your phone needs an Arc Pulse, and we don't feature it yet - let us know.

You can find our selection of colors for each phone model via the Arc Collection page. Simply pick your device from the list, and you'll be shown the available colors on the product page. We may launch unique colors from time to time, so subscribe to our newsletter to not miss out.

Arc Pulse is built to last you as long as your phone. Of course, this may vary depending on your use, but we've heard from many of our customers that their Arc Pulse is still keeping their iPhone safe after 2+ years.

Arc Pulse is compatible with many but not all MagSafe accessories.

Key exceptions:

  • MagSafe accessories that require full contact with the whole backside of your iPhone.
  • MagSafe wallets are only compatible with Arc Pulse for Apple's Pro Max series devices.

Each Arc Pulse is precision-machined. This means, your Arc Pulse is CNC-machined from a solid block of aerospace grade metal and then equipped with a shock-absorbing elastomer.
We regularly inspect our production facilities to ensure 100% compliance with our safety, quality and ethics standards. As a European brand, this is an important commitment for us.

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